Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Pushtunistan

Christmas is just about through. The party went off without a hitch. All of our Afghan counterparts came over our compound for some carols, Santa hats, a present lottery, and big plates of Christmas food. I also shared the baklava [thanks]; it was a big hit. The TOC (main office) is now just a big room with people exchanging little secrets and stories of what they did the last time they were deployed. Everyone seems to have the same remembrance of the rocket attack or the PSYOP truck with loud speakers blasting Jingle Bell Rock all around the base. I've the few Sinatra Christmas tunes I remembered to load onto the iPOD on repeat through some headphones.

Turkey and fix-uns were delivered to all of the outer-FOBs that are beyond the reach of roads, and we all received some special Christmas wishes from 2ND graders from all over the United States. My previous favorite was received a few years ago in Iraq: "Thank you for dying for your country." After reading these though, I may crown a new king. I'll try and include the pictures of these cards in the next few days when I get back to better computers. Nothing makes me more sympathetic for teachers than reading these cards as they give me the clearest idea of what they are working with. Or after a few months of working with the ANA, maybe its empathy I feel.

To all my family and friends, I miss you all greatly and look forward to a real Christmas, New Years, Flag Day, Talk like a Pirate Day, and every other Holiday we'll miss this year. I love you all. Thanks for the packages, the food, the lights, and the Hannah Montana poster. I miss you baby, talk to you soon.

Letters from 2ND graders:

Dear Soldiers,
Keep your blood while you still have it. Fight with all your might. Kill people, steal weapons. You know, I used to be a soldier myself. I have mechanical hands now though. I was also a prisoner for 5 years.
Sergeant Matt

Dear Soldiers,
I am very happy of your hard work. You serve our country so good. You are so brave to go out and fight, I can tell that you are doing your best because our country is running pretty smoothly on war. You are making a great country if you try your best, even if you get sick. I will pray for you to succeed.

Supported by,

Hello! Merry Christmas! I hope you have a happy holiday! May your days be filled with peace-i-fullness and happy happy-wappy happiness! I pray that your days be filled with light and joy. We all will be praying for your safety too! Hmm…keep a smile on your face! Here's a happy smiling bunny! {picture of bunny} and a smiling lion {picture of a lion}. America missed you and surely there is someone here missing you a lot. We are all thankful for your job and your faithfulness and duty to your job. God Bless you!


Ky Woman said...

Merry Christmas, even if it's almost over for you guys. Keeping y'all in our thoughts and prayers.

Stay safe!

Dave said...

God bless you TT Carnahan, typing this with my mechanical hands!